Franck Marchewka
Praticien en mieux être à Paris 15 ou à distance

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."

Mark Twain

I started my journey in 2000 with reiki. But disapointed by the results i kept looking for something more powerfull which i found in 2010 through the canadian Yvon Dubé. He taught me how to use the energy of the heart with his method called "love energetics". Using a protocol, I cleanse and raise the energy levels of the chakras, belly and organs. Though it is quite efficient it is not enough to achieve a major and positive change in your life...

So in the same session i add the cell memory method. I search for any blocs on the physical level (acidity, allergies...) then karma, fears, beliefs, and in the end you tell me everything that happened in your life.

I am also able to get rid of bad energies on you or on places.

The session

Whether you come to see me in Paris at my office in the 15th or we do a session through distance, the session has the same characteristics:

I start first with a energy healing session to raise your energy level, cleansing the chakras, belly and organs. But if we only do this, it is not enough to last for a long time and to achieve a major change in your life. That's why we have to do the second part, about cell memory.

The idea is to search and change the incorrect informations stored in your cells. I use the image of the brain as a computer with green but also red lights. The goal is to switch the red to green lights. HOW?

When i began i used to check the body using muscular tests to get the answer, but now it is much easier and efficient to use my pendulum. 

So first the physical part, testing vitamins, acidity, sugar, but also amino acid...

Then your past lives if you re an old soul

Then the unconscious fears, the 5 major wounds of the soul ...

Unconscious beliefs...

And then you tell me everything about your life (divorce, miscarriage, violence...)

All that in the same session. Sometimes when there are too many things to handle, a second session is needed, but most of the time one is ok for a long time (6 months or a year).

Of course one session with me is not the end of the spiritual journey and there are other ways to explore...



24 hour diet

Due to stress, people suffer from acid issues. That's why you'll have to respect a diet without acid during 1 day after the session. 


Drink a lot of water (more than usual)  or tea without sugar or honey

White fish (cod)


Vegetables except tomatoes, potatoes

Beans, chickpeas, soy, lentils

Almonds (soaked into water 1 hour)

Fruits: Apples, Bananas, lemon 

Spices, salt, pepper



chewing gums or any chimical products


Dairy products, 

Cereals, bread, cookies

Sea food or other fishes (salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel)


BURN sage you must

Though i try my best in each session, it is not enough to feel at your best if at home the energies are bad! that's why it is vital to burn sage regularly at least once a month.

As an example, a client of mine burns it every 3 days but she works in a hospital...

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